Education program


Our academy is specialized in laser assisted dentistry. We are pleased to offer a large variety of courses.

Beside the regular program (introduction days, clinical trainings, full curriculum) we are able to arrange individual courses or clinical trainings relating to the personal demand of the dentist (indication, wavelength) for advanced users as well for beginners or colleagues, who plan to start with lasers.

Laser Safety Officer

This course teaches the basic principles of a well-founded access to laser dentistry. We present beside the basics in laser physics, the interaction laser light - oral tissue and safety an overview of the clinical application with its opportunities and limitations.


The certificate will be handed out, in many countries a prerequisite to work with a dental laser and for all beginners a recommendation.

Clinical Courses

The Academy offers various clinical courses. First: the introduction day. The dentist accompanies the teacher during clinical application of different lasers and indications. Beside therapy the dentist learns about the prerequisites of routine laser treatments. Beginners or those, who plan to work with a laser, are the target audience.

Second: The clinical Day. Laser treatments – different laser types, different indications – will be demonstrated on patients. Afterwards the cases and settings will be discussed, laser assisted therapy will be deepened by the presentation of clinical cases and evaluated studies will be shown. A scriptum will be handed out. A course for users.

Curriculum of Laser Dentistry

The curriculum is a very intensive clinical and academic course over 2 days.

It enables the dentist to applicate the laser safely and efficiently. The content  of the curriculum are live OP´s with different laser types and in various indications, hands-on exercises with the laser units, academic presentation of clinical cases including all wave lengths, different settings, long term results including correspondent scientific publication and research. The curriculum will be completed  by the aspects of laser safety, questions and answers and marketing.


If the dentist passed the exam and presented a documentation (digitally form will be given) of 80 hours work with the laser, the DIPLOMA in LASER DENTISTRY will be awarded.

Individual Courses

Our Academy is enabled to offer and organize individual programs – courses related to your conception and requirements. Those can be for single participants, small groups or the whole team. Laser application with special wave length, in special fields or concepts of laser integration into the daily practice can be worked out.

The participants can be experienced colleagues in order to get new ideas, can be beginners in order to get taught intensively or can be interested dentists in order to get independent personal support before purchasing a laser.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will arrange the right program for you.

Partner Programs

Our courses are distinguished by quality and independence.

Just therefore several partners – companies and distributors, other academies or dental societies – cooperate with us to perform joint courses. Those are meetings for information about laser dentistry, clinical course or courses to reach the certificate of laser safety officer up to the curriculum of laser dentistry.


You will also find these courses in our schedule.

Registration can be done with us or directly with our partners.

Courses for your Team

You work with a laser or you plan to do so, and you are qualified personally. But how about your team? You need a well educated team for the safe and efficient work in the daily routine. It starts with the information of your patients about benefit and costs of laser treatments, the allocation and preparation of the laser unit for the dentist, the education how to deal with the laser and how to fulfil hygienic requirements. These all are the duties of your team. If your assistants perform well, you can use your time for your essential duty: the therapy.


We will present a suitable concept for the integration of a laser in daily practice and more. Thereby, your invest will lead to economic success and relaxed routine.